Flic2 eats batteries

  • I have four Flic2's connected to the FlicHubLR.
    One of my Flic2's is draining any battery.
    Normally i use normal noname CR2032, last time i used an expensive Duracell CR2032. But even that battery was low in a few weeks. It is located about 5m from the hub.

    In the mean time i also reset my FlicHub and had to re-assign all my Flic2's to the hub (in the app).
    The other three are working fine and one of them i replaced the battery a month ago. No problems since.
    It is even further away from the hub and on another floor of my house.

    What could be wrong with the Flic2? Is there a debug-mode to see if / why it is on all the time?

  • @Emil i added a request

  • FlicTeam

    It could be a hardware issue with that particular flic. Please send a support request at https://flic.io/support.

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