Controlling Zello using Intents: Is it possible to send two different intents on button down & button up events?

  • I want to use a flic button as a PTT (push-to-talk) button for the zello app (you should try it, it's awesome!), but since there currently is no support for it in flic, I have played around a little with the "Send Intent" function in the flic app. I've sort of managed to get it to work, but not the way I want. Right now I have set it up with a doubleclick to start transmitting and a single click to stop. It's working fine, but the way I want it to work is just like a walkie-talkie: press and hold to transmitt, stop when the button is released. To make it work like that, one must be able to send two different intents on button down and button up events, is this possible using the "Send Intent" function? If not, is it a functionality you could add?

    The best would of course be if you could add support for the zello app directly. It must be fairly easy, and since zello has over 50 million downloads on android, I'm probably not the only one looking for this functionality. Please, please, please... ;-)

    Cheers from Sweden

  • Hi, we are another walkie talkie app and have fully supported Flic via their SDK. You can check out the blogpost here:

  • @joacim @andreas - What is the current status (2019-03-05) of using my Flic as PTT-button for Zello Walkie Talkie (Android / iOS app)?

  • @andreas Hey Andreas, it sounds like you've made a cool work around for this problem. Would you mind sharing it?

  • @Joacim Thank you! Hope you will find a good solution. I'm no android developer, but I've actually managed to create a simple bridge app using your API and the example you've provided. It acts as a bridge between flic and zello, so now I have it working exactly as I want! But that does'nt mean you should stop working on it.. ;-)

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  • FlicTeam

    Not a bad idea at all! The problem is mostly in the UI of the app, if something happens on button down and something else on button up, we can't listen to click/double click/hold as well... We will look at it!

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