Flic and Audible Control

  • Hi there, I just received my 4 Flic buttons in the mail today. Unfortunately one of the 4 has a problem so I've emailed support about that. Hopefully it can be fixed.

    I'm wanting to use Flic with Audible, but I find it does not support the 30-second reverse feature that I use all the time. Is there any way to add support for this feature? It's something I use all the time when listening to audiobooks and it would come in really handy for me.


  • FlicTeam

    Hi. If that app supports HID we could add support for it (kind of making Flic act as a keyboard). So for example we can simulate the key left/right etc.
    If it does not support HID you could try to contact the authors of the Audible app and request them to add such a feature.

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