not compatible, this flic does not support application sharing

  • I have decided to try and play around with this flic I have and develop some (iOS 10.3) app for it. However, after my app opens flic and I should select my button, it says not compatible, and if I click I get presented with this popup:
    "Unfortunatelly, this Flic does not support application sharing"

    Do I have to enable it somewhere? are there different kind of flics?

    How can I proceed?

  • FlicTeam

    If you look under the battery you find the serial number. If it starts with AA you have a too old button (our first batch).

  • Another update: I tried it with an other flic, and from the list where I could grab the flics, now I have two flics saying: "not compatible"

  • Just a small update as I saw a post similar to this where the guy had a location flic. I have (I assume..) the general purpose one (because it has a flic text on it instead of a location or music or other icon)

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