Problems with Google Authentication

  • Have tried to use a number of activities that require access to my Google account. Unfortunately this isn't possible as the android app still uses Oathv1 whereas this has been abandoned now for Oath V2.

    For example, trying to use the Send Gmail action, I try to pair my Gmail account by clicking on Gmail > Login, I get the following:-

    1. That’s an error.

    Error: disallowed_useragent

    This user-agent is not permitted to make an OAuth authorization request to Google as it is classified as an embedded user-agent (also known as a web-view). Per our policy, only browsers are permitted to make authorization requests to Google. We offer several libraries and samples for native apps to perform authorization requests in the browser.

    As such every single action that requires access via my Google account fails. For me this also includes Harmony.

  • FlicTeam

    Hi. This has been resolved in the latest app update.

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