Flic to Zigbee?

  • Trying to wrap my head around this technology and what products are available and which ones are not. Do you guys have a list of all the devices you've paired as a company and devices that have been paired by customers?

    I bought the Wink one day and there's a ton of different products packed into that hub and there are also many products/light bulbs by philips that uses Zigbee tech. I'm a little confused. Is the flic only transmitting bluetooth signals?

    And whether I get these questions answered or not, this product you have is a freaking awesome idea. I resist thinking about all what you could do because there are so many ideas. :)

    Keep up the good work. :D

  • FlicTeam

    @Peyton Hi, thanks for your kind words!

    Flic is Bluetooth only to be able to talk to your Smartphone. Have a look at the available actions we have here.

    Except from the native integrations we have almost anything can be connected using our IFTTT or Zapier channels.

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