Flic will not stay paired

  • Hello, I just purchased a flic a few days ago from Amazon and I am using it on my iPhone 5s on iOS 8.4 to control LIFX lights.

    My flic will not stay connected to my phone. In my Bluetooth settings it is constantly going from connected to not connected. In the flic app it keeps saying out of range. It also has this little green icon on the flip button in the app where it says I need to pair it, but it never finishes pairing. It is just an endless circle. I even let it sit for two hours earlier and it never finished pairing.

    Whenever I try to use it to turn my lights on/off it takes MULTIPLE times pressing the flic to get it to work. I basically have to watch my phone and time it right when it reconnects with the phone before it disconnects again. This is pretty much pointless, I could just use my phone and the lifx widget =/

    Is there any software update for the flic button or am I missing something that would make this $35 button work more reliably?

  • FlicTeam

    The tech team is very curios about what may cause those errors - please send it to us so we can investigate.

  • FlicTeam

    @hughes7283 Hi, it sounds like something really weird has happened to your Flic, that's not how it is supposed to behave.

    Please email support@shortcutlabs.com to have your Flic replaced.

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