• Can I connect two android devices simultaneously?

  • @Emil unfortunatelly not much better. I tried now with Nexus 5x, and to tell you the truth, things are getting even worse:

    1. Yesterday I set up my old phone: Nexus 5 and my Flic account and my 4 Flics. I set the turquoise to call the gate's number on click and call my wife on double-click.
    2. Today I connected the the turquoise Flic to my wife's Meizu phone (it worked after a few restarts of the app and clear data). Note: She uses a different Flic account! I set up that Click calls a phone number (with Hebrew characters in the contact's name in her phone's contact list), Double Click calls ME!
    3. Just now I logged in to MY Flic account (the one I used previously in my old Nexus 5) from my new phone (Nexus 5X). I do see my 4 Flics, and there's an icon on each of them teling me that they're locked (makes sense, 3 of them are locked to my old phone, and the turquoise is locked to both to my old phone and my wife's phone) I pressed the flic for 7 seconds and clicked DOWNLOAD (doesn't make sense, the Try again I had in the other phone was more logical to me) BUT when I enter the configuration of the turquoise Flic I was shocked! I saw that Double Click's action is to call ME! This is an enormous BUG, as in all places it was stated that the actions are saved in the phone/account and not "in the flic". How come that when I logged in with my flic account I get the settings of my wife's flic account/phone???? I also saw that the Click action has ???????????? in the name instead of the Hebrew characters....

    Look, I am a programmer myself, and I like to help, but I don't feel I am getting much for my money here. The reaction time is way to slow, and doesn't address the problems. The bugs I just posted now... they are so huge, I can't possibly imagine how can it be that you never tried the 1 flic 2 phones, 1 flic 2 accounts scenarios!!!! Or if you never tried them then at least don't write in the forum that it works!

    I am seriously considering returning my 4 flics, I paid $110 for them and the time I am investing in debugging and waiting for days to get a response doesn't worth the money. For $25 I can get a Raspberry PI that works and knows a bit more than a flic....

  • FlicTeam

    @flocsy No there are no such things as long timeouts. I see your Meizu phone seems to have Mediatek components, as many other odd chinese phones have. Unfortunately we have extremely bad experience with Mediatek's bluetooth implementations with many different bugs we have seen. Test the same procedure on other phones like Samsung, LG, Sony and you'll probably see it works better there ;)

  • @Emil Nexus 5 and Meizu M3 Note. It looks that it works now. Is it possible that there's a long timeout? Something like the Flic has to turn itself off in order to forget? When I followed the steps (turn off bluetooth on phone #1) it doesn't (always) seem to work.

  • FlicTeam

    @flocsy What device are you running where it works bad?

  • @Emil the same, actually it's worse, because now when it says that my Flic is locket to another device, I press for 10 seconds, then Try again, then it "found" the flic but can't connect to it with ridiculous reason: too many flics in my account (0? all together I have 4 physical flics) and that it's too far away (10cm? It could find it but not to connect to it?) It looks like some BUG...

  • FlicTeam

    @flocsy try the latest app. We released a new version yesterday.

  • Actually it's even worse: I hoped to be able to reconnect it with phone #1 the same way (disable bluetooth on phone #2, then hold flic for 8 seconds, then try to "add" it again to phone #1, but it doesn't work, it always tells me the Flic is locked to another device...)

  • It doesn't work for me. I connected it to phone #1, then to phone #2 (had to hold Flic for & seconds). But then when I turn off bluetooth on phone #2, I want to use it from phone #1, but it says the Flic is out of range, and even when I search for flics, it says that it's locked (to phone #2)...

    I need a solution where the Flic is associated with both phones, and it is able to automatically "pair" with the one that is near it (and I don't care which one it connects when both phones are around, since they would do the same action anyway)

  • @luca.mocci each Flic will only connect to 1 device at a time. You can set them up on multiple devices and then they will connect to the nearest most accessible device first but you will have to program the Flic actions seperately to each device.

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