Mute Script

  • Well, I Love this. Using my flic to control my Mac is just AWMPGHDFHGIFDGHIDF... SO MUCH WIN!

    So feel free to re-use this. I have searched a little bit over the internet to create an script that mutes my Mac when I press my Flic. Here is the code:

    set _muted to (get (output muted of (get volume settings)))
    if _muted is false then
    set volume with output muted
    set volume without output muted
    end if

    Just paste it into a "script.AppleScript" file, and give it execute permissions > $ chmod +x script.AppleScript
    And it will be ready for you to use with the app!


    Cheers and keep doing great things!

  • @anton That's great to know, I hadn't noticed it. I will try to commit more scripts as soon as I have some time to play with it :D

    Thanks for this amazing update, I really love it!! I want to experiment a bit with some IoT capabilities, I will let you know!

  • This post is deleted!

  • FlicTeam

    That is a great use case! Weird that I did not think of it myself ;)
    Feel free to submit a pull request on github with it. Or I can add it myself, either way.

    I should add however that this will not work if your selected audio output does not have support mute capabilities, such as some digital optical audio stuff.. But not a big deal!

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