Bluetooth not activated

  • Hello,

    I have bluetooth turned on, but getting an error when trying to scan for Flic's!

    A pop up appears, saying "bluetooth is not activated on the device". I have a magic mouse connected - so bluetooth does work!

  • Thanks for the reply Anton. It appears my computer has 0x4 which from what I can see is not good enough!

    That's a shame - thanks anyway.

  • FlicTeam

    Yes, this should be corrected. I accidentally added the same error message for two different errors. That message can be sent if:

    1. Bluetooth is not activated.
    2. Bluetooth Low Energy is not supported.

    Since you say that bluetooth is on it can't be option 1. So I would recommend that you look up if your computer has Bluetooth Low Energy support, there are instruction in the GitHub README on how to do that. If not supported, then you can use a bluetooth dongle. If it has support, then something else is wrong and we have to do further troubleshooting.

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