HTTP Request til Denon HEOS

  • Hey there.

    I Would like to control my HEOS speakers from a Flic. Is what possible from the HTTP Request section?

    i Have the API documentation to the HEOS here:

    I am a newbie on this, but as far as i see, it would be possible to send a URL like this to start Favourite Preset 1 on speaker 1.

    Example: heos://browse/play_preset?pid=1&preset=1

    i tried in the Flic app with a virtual Flip, but it doesn't work.

    Anyone tried this? Or anything else from the HTTP Request section in Flic.

  • @Emil How to do that?
    I want my flic button connected to the hub, not to the phone.
    So is there a manual on how to write an application for the hub and how to install it on the hub?

  • @Emil

    It would be really nice to have an app for the flic hub that could do this.

    Anyone know how we can make an app for the hub that can send telnet commands? :-)

  • FlicTeam

    It seems the "heos://" protocol is not the usual HTTP but some custom thing over telnet. Unfortunately we don't support that. You could however develop an own app that implements this feature and integrate that with the Flic app.

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