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    In this company, we seldom post specific jobs.

    We know that really good candidates doesn’t always know their own potential. In a small and growing company like this, the most important skills anyone can have is to be adaptable and to fit the existing team culture.

    As an example, we brought in Leilei as a CFO and that is currently her title. However, economy and financials is just about 30% of what she does. She found an interest (and mad skills) in sales and logistics instead. Should we have posted a job for 30% finance, 30% logistics and 30% sales? No, we wouldn’t have found Leilei if we did.

    Another example is Frederik who we brought in as Head of Growth even though he never worked as a growth manager before. We wanted him as a who he was, to structure us up. Now, only 6 months after his employment, he’s an essential part of the management team doing what any founder would do: everything (and a lot of sales and project management).

    A third example is Kristoffer, who started out as a tester but just weeks in had to help out with customer care and is now heading our online store. That’s adaptability!

    We get 3-5 new applicants every week for jobs we never posted. We take a closer look into people with ambition, who understands the startup landscape and that are fast learners.

    Then we try them.

    Every single employee at Shortcut labs were tried before they they got hired. The best trial is to come in and do important things together with the team for a period. That way, we can easily see if the job is well done and if the collaboration works.

    Other trials we run were creating designs, creative copy and reports, or to start off with a Master Thesis.

    Shortcut Labs and Flic is growing and we are always in need of good people to join the team. Right now we are especially keen on Front-end, Sales, Economy and Back-end. Don't hold back on your other skills though, we're keen to know.

    Feel free to reach out to us or drop a line to b@shortcutlabs.com if you think you can stand the challenge :)

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