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  • Hi to everyone,

    it's not clear to me if I can share same flic action between 2 devices, in case one phone is out of range.
    Web "get started" guide says it is coming soon while "help and feedback" inside flic app says it is possible already now.

    Even if it is possible, it's not straightforward. I tried to log in to my account on another phone, but task where not synced and buttons action messed up.

    Is it possible to have a guide on this topic?

    Thank you


    p.s. does flic works on amazon fire tablet 7? I was thinking about having one of that as central hub for flic action at home

  • @Emil what you say now is the same what I understood from the previous explanation above of how Flic + Android app are supposed to work, but it seems it doesn't.

    For example right now I tried to do it again, after pressing for 10 seconds it indeed "found a new flic" but then: "Couldn't connect to the Flic, Make sure you don't have to many Flics on your account and the Flic is within reach". Well I do have at most 4 physical flics, 0 in the account of the phone I am trying. Is that too muany? Anf the phone is 10 cm from the Flic, and BTW it found it... So what's the problem?

    BTW it is very annoying to write in these small textboxes in the forum, when half of them is hidden below the bottom of the window (Mac, Google Chrome)...

  • FlicTeam

    @flocsy Once you have added Flic to a second account, the Flic is not removed from the first account. Therefore, once you start up device 1 again, that device will now automatically try to connect to the Flic (unless you have removed it yourself from the first device, or marked it as disconnected). Note that while Flic is already connected to the second device, it will not connect to the first device. Once the second device goes out of range and you press Flic, it should connect to the first device.

  • I just did that (with the 2nd option: another Flic account), and it looks more like a one way transfer of the Flic from one phone to another than "sharing", because once I finished setting up the 2nd phone I turned off the bluetooth on the 2nd phone, and turned on bluetooth on the 1st phone, but now the situation is the same: 1st phone says the Flic is locked to another device, I should hold it for 7 secs....

    For my use-case this is not feasable (I have 2 buttons, one in each of our cars, and I set up both my phone and my wife's to call a number when we click (calling that number opens the gate), and since we sometimes switch cars we need both Flics to ba able to work with either of our phones, but obviously without this 7 sec + dealing with your phone for 2 minutes things, 'cause that kills the purpose of using the Flic, as I could also pick my phone (while driving) and call the number... but this is exactly we don't want to do and the reason I bought the Flics...)

  • Experiencing the same issue here. Since I'm changing my home automation set-up often at this moment it is quitte annoying the settings are not synced. When will this development of synchronizing settings be finished?

    Thanks for keeping up the good work!

  • FlicTeam


    Sorry about the inconsistency there.

    You can share Flic with more than one device so that Flic connects to whichever device (phone/tablet/mac) that Flic finds first. If the device that Flic is connected to goes out of range or is turned off, Flic will connect to the next device that it is allowed to connect to.

    You can choose if you want Flic to do the same thing on both devices or if you want it to do different things depending on which device it's connected to. However you want it, you need to set up Flic individually on each device. (We are working on a synchronisation solution so that you don't have to set ut up more than once but that will take some time.)

    To allow Flic to connect to more than one device:

    1. Turn off bluetooth on all devices that you have previously paired with Flic
    2. Make sure that Flic flashes in red when you press it (means it's not connected to anything)

    If you want to use the same Flic account on the new device:
    3) Log in with your Flic account
    4) Find the Flic you want to connect under "Flics" in the app and tap the red icon on it's perimeter.
    5) Press and hold your Flic for more than 7 seconds to unlock it
    6) Click Flic. The key to your Flic will be downloaded from our servers and you can start using it on the new device.

    If you want to use another Flic account:
    3) Log in/sign up with another Flic account
    4) Go to the "Flics" tab and tap the "+" button.
    5) Press and hold your Flic for more than 7 seconds to unlock it
    6) Click Flic. The key to your Flic will be downloaded from our servers and you can start using it on the new device.

    Best Regards,


    P.S. The Flic app is available as an Amazon app and according to the specs of Fire Tablet 7, it should work, however, we have not had the chance to try it out. Happy to hear if it works for you or not.

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