Gradle/maven dependency

  • I'd like to kindly ask the Flic developer's team to register the Flic library as a dependency in gradle and issue a version. In this way, we may import it much more easily in files from Android projects, using something like

    dependencies {
        compile 'io.flic.lib:fliclib:+'

    Or, in cordova projects like my Cordova Flic plugin in the plugin.xml file, using

    <framework src="io.flic.lib:fliclib:+" />


  • Any updates? Three months passed...

    Example of how to publish artifact to jCenter -

    Look into [ ARTIFACTS ] section of file.

  • I second that. Maven or jcenter. Thanks

  • FlicTeam


    I think this is a good idea. Right now our SDK developer is on vacation but I'll tell him to upload to maven when he gets back.

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