Disposable Flic

  • Perhaps it's me. But:

    The experience of trying to change the battery on my barely-used Flic has me wanting to toss the thing in the trash.

    I managed to get it open. I can get it closed without the battery inside. Can't close it WITH the battery inside.

    I'd already ordered another, initially thinking the batteries weren't replaceable. And, as it turns out, they basically aren't.

    I'm not sure what sort of petite-handed people you had testing usability of this aspect, but it needs a lot more work.

    If the battery on my next Flic lasts less than 6 months (no, I don't use it for games), it'll be my last one.

  • FlicTeam

    @ggiese if it lights up for half a second after you insert the battery it should be functional. If it does not light up when you press it later it means it is connected to something. Try to take it to a place where there are no BLE devices nearby and press it.

  • I have to back this.
    I was able to open the flic, but now whenever I close it with the replacement battery there seems to be not electrical connection.
    I initially suspected a worn out battery, but two others show the same behavior:
    I lay the battery on the flics connector, red light.
    I let it snap in and close the lid - no more light - no function.

    I am guessing it is broken - how can I get it replaced as it still is within the warranty of 1y?

  • This post is deleted!

  • FlicTeam

    The battery is replaceable and you open the back cover by twisting it counter clockwise. We have not really had much feedback regarding this issue before. How did you do when you tried to open it? And you say that the cover can not be closed with the battery inside, which is strange because it must have been inside before you opened it. Perhaps you are trying to install a larger battery?

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