Flic solves the Hue Lights problem

  • I've had the Hue lights since launch and love the impact they have had on our home. It's a great concept to have landing and hall lights that automatically fade on or off at sunrise or sundown and it's cool to be able to change the mood of a room with gentle colour flows or fire up a whole house disco when Friday comes around :-)

    The BUT was always that if the lights were turned off at the wall then none of the above magic would happen.

    I have tried many solutions over the years and all have fallen short however the Flics have now solved this brilliantly. I've been able to replace all our light switches with blank plates and stuck a Flic on top. They look brilliant, and I've set them to toggle lights on or off in the current or adjacent rooms, or hold down to put the house to bed. And of course power is maintained to the Hue lights so the aforementioned magic is a reality.

    Huge thank you to Hue for solving this long standing problem in such an elegant and simple way.

    Looking forward to my next delivery which will be put to good use as a smart doorbell :-)


  • @rssorensen do you leave the app open in the background? The only time I get that error is when I need to reconnect bluetooth to the button when I have closed the app and not used the button for a few days.

  • Well - for me it did not solve the LIFX problem.
    Although the Flic app immediately recognized my bulb's it can't control them.
    I get an error message saying that my LIFX is unreachable and sometimes I get HTTP error 524.

    My LIFX app on the other hands have no problem communicating. Nor does LIFXStyle on my Mac


  • I'm going to agree with Jim but for me it was with my Lifx bulbs. To be able to have a physical switch for them is brilliant and the main reason I bought the flics.

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