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  • Does the flic work with August Smart door lock, ring door bell cam, nest cam and Lutron caseta lighting?

  • @vjdjr0 I have been trying all week to activate a scene in my Lutron Caseta, with a Flic button through IFTTT. Can you give more details how to set that up, because I would really like to be able to do this. Thanks!

  • Short answer: no, no, no, yes.

    1. Flic and August both work within IFTTT, but August's security concerns prevent you from being able to lock/unlock your door by using -any- internet access outside of their own. For your own safety, of course. (Yes, that was intended sarcasm, but I do see their point.) August and IFTTT merely talk to the point that August will tell IFTTT if your lock is locked or not (and by whom).

    2. Neither flic nor IFTTT are connected to Ring.

    3. Similar to August, IFTTT works with the Nest cam, but only to accept an input trigger (so the cam can tell IFTTT if there's new sound or motion detected). So you can't tell flic to tell IFTTT to turn the cam on.

    4. At least ONE of your requests is a yes! IFTTT works with Lutron, so you CAN flick your flic to lower/raise a shade, turn a light on/off, or activate a scene you've set up.

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