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  • RE: Cannot connect flic2 to Mac!?

    @thecudes Thank you for submitting the log! After having a closer look we see that it tries to connect, but fails stating that it is currently connected to another device.

    Is this a Flic 2? (LED in the edge of press area)?

    When pressing, make sure it is pulsating with a yellow light.

    Also, when connecting, macOS will pop up a dialogue asking to confirm pairing. Do you get this dialogue?

    To make sure you could perform a factory reset to clear any old pairings that might interfere.

    Open the battery hatch by twisting the back side.

    Remove the battery for 10 seconds, then re-insert it and immediately press and hold the Flic for 10 seconds. When releasing it should blink red fast 3 times.

    Pressing again should show a red fade, this indicates that it has no pairings.

    Now try to add it to the Flic app on your mac.

    Please let me know if this helped!

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  • RE: Cannot connect flic2 to Mac!?

    @thecudes Hi!

    Sorry to hear this, it would be very helpful if you could submit a Bluetooth Log so we can take a closer look of what is causing this.

    First, recreate the issue by trying to connect a Flic, then in the top menu, select Flic -> Submit BT Log. Write "Stuck on 99%" as description.

    Once again, sorry for everyone experiencing this issue! Hopefully a BT log will help us track this issue down!

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  • RE: Cannot connect flic2 to Mac!?

    @oskar Oh, and also make sure you have deleted any old pairings in the Bluetooth device list i System Preferences!

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  • RE: Cannot connect flic2 to Mac!?

    @nikolai-misc Hmm, this sounds very strange. I am currently testing this on macOS Monterey 12.2.1 and I cannot seem to be able to reproduce the problems mentioned in this thread.

    Does the Flic connect to other devices like an iPhone or Android without issues, are the problems exclusive for the mac app?

    There should be absolutely no problem moving the Flic from one device to another so there is definitely something strange going on.

    Just to be super clear, this is how connecting a previously paired button should look like:

    Make sure the Flic app for mac is at version 2.1.0.

    When pressed, the button should pulsate with yellow 2 times, this means it is trying to connect to something.

    Press the "Add Flic" button in the mac app.
    Press and hold the Flic for about 6 seconds.
    The Flic should flash Green and connect to the mac app.

    If you see any other LED behaviour, like fast red flashes, it might be low on battery.

    I have some questions in order to narrow down the issue.

    1. Is this a Flic 1 or 2? (Flic 1 has the LED in the center while Flic 2 has the LED on the edge)
    2. Can it be connected to other devices, such as smart phones witout problem?
    3. When you are trying to connect to the mac, can you describe how the LED behaves? Which colors and patterns are seen when it fails.
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  • RE: Flic Midi on Mac OS 11.5.2 - How to Set up

    @guitarnstuff Hi!

    The MIDI features can be found in the bottom of the action list, under "Flic Universal". Note that you must have a Flic 2 connected directly to your phone (not hub) to configure MIDI.

    You can read more and find tutorials here:

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  • RE: Cannot connect flic2 to Mac!?

    @daniel-1 Hi! Sorry about this!
    Please make sure that the button is deleted from any other device, it sounds a bit like two different devices is competing over the connection.

    Please let me know wether this worked!

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  • RE: Issue, cant see all the actions in iOs app

    @oscar-norlin said in Issue, cant see all the actions in iOs app:

    no graphic sympol such as Fun, Smart Lights, Smart Home, Media with no symbol are not visable to me.


    It sounds like you are either connected to a Flic Hub, or that you have a "Flic Single" (no flic logo but an icon printed on it).

    Flic Universal can only be accessed when a Flic 2 is connected directly to the phone. Make sure you are using a Flic 2 and it shows up under the "PHONE" tab in the Flic main screen.

    Please let me know if this helped!

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  • RE: Flic 2 and Alexa Integration

    @tvvijay1958 Glad it worked out!

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  • RE: Select FlicHub Module in the App for Button-Action


    This is an interesting koncept which we have elaborated on internally. I can't say much more about this at this time though 🙂

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  • RE: No docs on how to run a module


    I agree that it is not super clear, but if you check the "Restart after crash", it will also restart after reboot!

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