Extremely poor battery life of Flic buttons

  • I bought 4 Flics in mid-June (and 4 more in July, but I haven't started using those yet). Two of my June Flics get daily use: one controls a light near my bed (Hue) and gets no more than 4-8 clicks a day, and another controls my bathroom light (Lifx)—maybe 12-20 clicks a day. I've replaced the battery in the Flic by my bed TWICE now. I got about 100 clicks out of the first battery, and only 67 clicks out of the second. That's just crazy! The bathroom Flic made it to 246 clicks before the first battery died. I was even away on vacation for several weeks when neither of those buttons were used at all. These are connected to my iPhone. I am at a loss as to why the batteries keep dying so quickly, and with such little use. When they work, though, they're just perfect, and more reliable and quick than WeMo or other wireless buttons. Anyone else having battery issues like this?

  • FlicTeam


    It sounds like you have a faulty Flic. Please contact support@shortcutlabs.com and include this description and they might be able to send you a new one.

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