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  • i am trying to add the harmony hub to my flic. I go to actions then activities and click the activity but it is not working. The only thing I have been able to create using the flic is to play music. I tap once and it starts. How do I add the harmony activity I mentioned? Thanks!

  • FlicTeam

    We don't have a proper guide, I'm afraid, but I'll try to explain the steps:

    In the Flic app:

    1. Connect the Harmony Hub provider (Providers are found in the top right menu).
    2. Go back to your list of Flics (or Tasks) and tap one of them to edit it.
    3. Choose a trigger (like Click).
    4. In the list of actions, look up Harmony Hub and tap it.
    5. Select the "Activity" you want to use in the list, like "Turn on TV".
    6. Press "Add".

    Now you should be able to turn on your TV by pressing your Flic!

    Let me know if this helped!

    If you have the Harmony app, you can verify that the Activity is working by tapping the on/off toggle. If it works in the Harmony app, if should work in the Flic app.

  • @oskar yes i was able to login to the harmony app using the flic app. I can see my list of activities. I think my main issue is that I don't quite understand how to setup a task or action. Is there a demo that I can follow?

  • FlicTeam


    Sorry to hear that, let's troubleshoot!

    Are you on Android or iOS?
    Could you describe exactly how you set things up in Flic?
    Did you successfully login to the Harmony Hub provider within the Flic app? Can you see your list of activites inside the Harmony Hub action inside the Flic app?


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