Gobbling batteries

  • I have ordered 8 Flics on the original crowdsource campaign and shared with my family. The 3 that I kept seem to go through the batteries pretty quickly, at a rate of about a battery every couple of weeks. And one of them sucks the battery dry in less than a day. At first I thought it must have to do with my old phone, but I got the brand new Samsung S7 Active and my green flic empties it in less than 24 hours, even without any button presses. That makes it pretty useless for any purpose. Does anyone else share a similar experience?

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    @pdo.smith Flic Location has a bigger battery than the original Flic, able to sustain fr up to 3 years, however, the battery can not be changed. Sorry you got a bad Flic Location, that really should not happen. Please contact Kristoffer for a replacement.

  • To continue,
    please advise how I can open my flic so that I can check and change the battery.

  • @totte.ul My flic Location has gone dead after one day's use. It is completely unresponsive. I have three other flic Locations that are still working. I presume that battery is drained and I want to check this by replacing the battery. Unfortunately I cannot open my flic. I have stuck it down on a flat surface and tried to unscrew the top housing by turning it counter-clockwise, but it won't budge. I simply cannot open the flick to check or change the battery.

  • Hi,

    There was a time in the production where a few Flic buttons had this problem. It is a hardware issue where there is a short circuit that causes the battery drain. This problem is now fixed and we replace these buttons.

    Please contact me at kristoffer@shortcutlabs.com and I will help you out getting working buttons.

    Best regards,

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