Emergency Alert Button for Service Dog

  • I used Flic to create a button that my daughter's service dog could press with a paw that would trigger an alert to family if she was ever unresponsive or unable to communicate. Although there are lots of variations of what you can do for this, I combined Flic button, with Tropo service, Google Groups, and a Microsoft Flow to accomplish the following:

    -Send GMAIL to the emails of the 5 people in her alert group that there is a problem
    -Send HTTP GET to launch a tropo script
    -Sends initial text to 5 numbers to alert to emergency
    -starts calling the 5 numbers till first human picks up
    -First one to answer has choice to start a conference call
    -If yes, text goes out to group to join the call, and first responder transfered to call
    -if no, responder is prompted for phone number and text goes out to group with the number to
    get ahold of first responder
    -Start Microsoft flow to capture location
    -Adds coordinate information to sharepoint list
    -SharePoint list creates Maplink for link to google map using the coordinates
    -send the map link via GMAIL to group so they can see location of daughter at time of alert.
    (By using Google groups the group can just respond to the google group email and it will be sent to all members of the group creating a way to communicate with each other.)

    Of course you wouldn't necessarily need to do everything I did, but I thought was a good example of just what you can do when you layer it all together. I would be nice if the buttons also came with a strap for easier wearability as this will be something she wears everyday.

  • I am curious about how you train your dog to use the button. It's magic to me.

  • @adam-skelton87-1
    Yeah, we did a full scale test last week and it worked REAL smooth. This idea could be adapted to be used in other similar situations, in many variations, for loved ones. Although my solution does incur an additional fee for using the Tropo service, for this solution it is only a small fee and easily affordable, much more so then say fancy subscription service, which makes it accessible to folks even on a budget. Of course, you can pick and choose what you use to make your own solution.

  • Great use of the button and I like the smart conditionals on the backend.

  • 0_1504968707532_IMG_1209.JPG Sorry pic didn't upload first time.

  • Well the service dog is still in training so this is a new task that he is learning and hasn't mastered it yet, But we have begun teaching him to touch the button as a paw target . I am including a picture of him practicing that new task .

    Emergency alertbutton for service dog

  • FlicTeam

    Wow, that's very impressive! Thank you for sharing, I hope it solves problems for you and your daughter. Is the service dog able to press the button? We would love to see images of that!

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