Is there any support for this product!

  • Flic app is now constantly saying it is out of range my Samsung phone seems to be connected via Bluetooth but the app does not connect
    Nothing on this community board has worked
    This was working for about 20days

    Also I cannot get IFTTT to work with this device iPhone7

  • I work at a retail store where these are sold and I know that Samsung phones before Galaxy S7 have a bluetooth bug where known devices are unable to connect. The solution is to go into settings>Apps/programs>all and find the bluetooth android service. Force stop the bluetooth service and reboot the phone. This should fix the connectivity problem.

  • Hi

    I have returned all my Flics as they do not support IFTTT tags as advertised
    let me know when this is resolved


  • Hi

    I am still having issues with using my flic with IFTTT is this supported ok?

    This is my second flic as I had to return the first as it stopped connecting to my Bluetooth also it would not work with IFTTT on my iPhone7

    I contacted shortcutlabs support but got no reply

    My fist flic did work well using IFTTT but I then had my issues with the Bluetooth on my Android Samsung Galaxy 8

    Now I have my new flic the Bluetooth connection seems to be ok for now

    But the IFTTT does not execute as before?

    I have also sent this issue to shortcutlabs

  • FlicTeam

    Hi. This forum is meant to be a community forum rather than a support forum. For support you should send an email to For your Samsung phone, you could try reboot it in case Bluetooth has hung or similar.

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