can't get tasks to work

  • I can get the flic device to control my google play music app. Pretty simple. BUT, the "tasks" tab, when I try to do something simple like setup "hang up my phone", does not work. I don't see where you can hang up your phone from the "flic" tab. That's not shown as an option there, only on tasks. Any ideas?

  • FlicTeam

    @goonermel Hi! What problem are you having?
    Also, things have changed a bit since this old post. The "Tasks" feature has now been relocated to the three dots menu in the top right.

  • @nadia Did you get the solution to this as I'm having the exact same problem and it's driving me crazy!

  • FlicTeam

    If you're using the Android app, if you tap on your Flic in the "Flics" tab, you can assign the "Hang Up Call" action to either click, double click or hold. You can also create a task that contains the "Hang Up Call" action and assign that to your flic. Let me know if you get it to work!


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