Flic Single Music and Tasks?

  • Hello everybody. I have a flic single music RTLP002. Now I wanted to control an additional setting via Tasks. It does not work. Is this normal with Flic Single Button?

  • FlicTeam

    @p72b Hi! Yes, that's correct. Flic Single is meant as a simplified version of the normal Flic, with limited actions, but at a lower price. If you want to use our SDK you'll need any of the standard Flics in our shop https://flic.io/shop. I'm sorry if it wasn't clear! We'll try to make it clearer on the web now :)

  • @nadia To understand it correctly: with the SHORTCUT LABS RTLP002 Flic Single button I'm NOT able to use it inside my custom app (Android) and receive events like onButtonUpOrDown? FYI: I had hard times to find detailed specs for the different buttons you provide. Where are the differences.

  • @nadia
    Hi, thanks for the fast reply.
    Well, I've already suspected so.

  • This post is deleted!

  • FlicTeam

    Hi! Flic Single buttons are meant for a specific set of tasks, in this case, your Flic Single can be programmed to control music apps and devices. If you want to set up additional settings, not music related, you can use a normal Flic button! Hope this helps! :)

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