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  • Hi all,

    Apologies if this is the wrong topic area, but does anyone know if Siri can be activitated on iOS11 using a flic button?



  • FlicTeam

    @trussy1878 It has to do with the permissions Apple gives us to access some iOS native features, like Siri or accessing the phone's wifi or bluetooth, for example. Apple is very restrictive when it comes to letting an app modify your phone's settings. So I'm afraid the case will be the same with the newest iPhone.
    But we're constantly checking if Apple's policy changes or if there are workarounds, because a lot of our users would appreciate these functions. We'll keep you updated! :)

  • @nadia

    This is my most sort after flic action as my iPhone is in my car glove compartment (that is where my iPod connector is for my car stereo). So I want to activate Siri remotely. Completely understand that it is Apple who has disabled this command.

    Sorry a quick question, is the command different for the new iPhone X (as there is no home button)? At the moment I have an old iPhone but in the summer will upgrade and I was wondering if you have looked into activating Siri on the new phone. Is it different to the older iPhones? Thanks

  • FlicTeam


    Due to some changes from Apple starting iOS 9, we are not able to launch Siri with Flic at the moment. We are already contacting Apple and hope they can fix the issue in order to re-launch this action.

    We will keep you updated once it's live again. Thanks!

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