Flic iOS App Update 2.2.17

  • FlicTeam

    • “Tasks” are renamed to “Widgets” for clarity.
    Widgets can be used to perform Flic actions from the notification panel. You can also assign a Flic button to execute a widget. Stability of Tasks/Widgets is improved as well!

    • IFTTT actions now support Flic with Tag. Set up several Flic buttons (or Widgets) and give them the same tag in the IFTTT action. When you set up IFTTT you can then assign all Flic buttons with the same tag to a single IFTTT applet.

    • The Chromecast Audio action had troubles finding Chomecast Audio devices. We fixed that.

    • When you use the Share Location action, you can select which contacts you should share with. It is now easier than ever to pick those contacts.

    • A LOT is reworked under the hood, so expect fewer bugs overall!

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