Flic with Tasker

  • I'm trying to integrate Flic with Tasker. I understand that Flic already has a Tasker plugin, but I don't know how to get it all started--where to download the plugin, etc.


  • @anders-0 did you get by this... I'm seeing the same thing. Getting to the flic screen but can't save it.

  • Hi.
    I'm trying to set flic up via Tasker but fail miserably. This is my scenario:

    1. Install flic and tasker (of course). Tasker v5.1 and flic 2.0.15 on android 8)
    2. In tasker, add new profile and choose 'Event' and then 'Plugin'
    3. Choose the 'flic' plugin
    4. Choose 'Configuration' by pressing the grey 'pen' symbol
    5. A purple flic page appears where I can choose what flic action I want to capture.
    6. Choose any of the available actions (i.e. double click)
    7. Then what.....??????

    There is no option to save or anything. The only way I have found to exit this screen is to press the 'back' button on my phone. Pressing the 'back' button cancels my configuration attempt for the flic plugin and the 'pen' symbol is thus still greyed out in tasker's 'Event Edit' screen.

    I'm feeling a bit stupid but currently my imagination does not suffice for finding a way to actually save the configuration of the flic plugin...

    Grateful for any help on this since flic becomes really useful only when combined with Tasker


  • FlicTeam

    Hi! You have to set it up in Tasker, not in the Flic app :)

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