iOS Swift Question: No callback happens when grabbing button

  • I got the ios-boiler-plate application to work, but now it doesn't anymore.

    I use:
    @IBAction func grabButton() {
    print("Grabbing a flic..")
    SCLFlicManager.shared()?.grabFlicFromFlicApp(withCallbackUrlScheme: "wios-boilerplate-swift")

    to call the flic app, which opens up correctly.
    But after selecting the button the flic app doesn't correctly call back to the boiler plate app anymore.
    func flicManager(_ manager: SCLFlicManager, didGrab button: SCLFlicButton?, withError error: Error?) {
    print("I grabbed the button")
    if (error != nil) {
    print("Error: (error!._domain) - (error!._code)")
    // TODO: Here would be a good place to set the Flic latency in case you need lower latency
    // Consider choosing your prefered triggerBehavior as well (Click / hold is default)

    is not called anymore.

    I have no clue of how to track down this error. But I suppose I'm not the first one experiencing this error.

    If anyone has a clue I would greatly appreciate it.



  • Yes, that fixed the problem.

    Thank you!


  • FlicTeam


    It seems the boilerplate project references an old version of the fliclib.

    You can update by navigating to the fliclib-ios and running "git pull" and "git checkout master".

    I will update the boilerplate to use the latest version by default, thank you for bringing this to our attention!

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