FLIC buttons one year 'stickiness" life span

  • Dear Flic folks, you make a great product that doesn't stick and a button that i cannot fix to a wall, furniture etc is of little use... I find your website works great for selling flics but not so great for getting any help. Also - regular mail after a 14 month wait for the HUB? love you guys but can you talk to me as a 'client" and not a fellow student in grade school... would be nice

  • @nadia That's exactly what I do with a couple of my buttons that I stick under countertops. They've fallen off a few times, but if I wash the sticky part, it gets sticky again, and they'll be fine for months.

  • FlicTeam


    Thanks @Sawtaytoes for answering.

    If the stickiness wears out you can detach and clean the back piece under water and a bit of soap, let dry completely and then it should be sticky again.

    We understand your frustration with the Hub wait and we apologize for the delays. In the following weeks, we'll be sending out the rest of the orders.

    Thanks for your support!

  • The Flic buttons I have came with 2 bases. One of them I can attach to a wall by drilling a hole for screw mounting. The other is the sticky-back which can be stuck and re-stuck to walls and under granite counter-tops even after close to a year of use.

    Is that what you're asking about?

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