No "show response" in HTTP-Request app

  • Hi,

    since several weeks I don't find the section "show response" (before it was there!); it's very important for me, because I give the customer a confirmation when the function has been successfully done. See the phote blow.

    Do you know what's happened?

    thanks in advance

  • Any news on this, really do need a way to show HTTP responses.
    Ideally, I want to chain the "play sound" on the HUB2 based on HTTP response.

  • FlicTeam


    This was temporarily removed since we had to match the settings for iOS and Android for the Flic Hub.

    This will be added back in a future update, it was simply cut due to time constraints.

    Sorry about this! We are hoping to re-introduce this for both iOS and Android in the near future!

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