Tradfri Gateway found but not all synced bulbs recognized

  • Hi my Problem is that i added my Tradfri Gateway to the flic App and unfortunately only 3 of my 5 bulbs are shown in the flic app. Is this a common problem? Btw i readded the Gateway 5 times and always only 3 out of 5 are shown.
    The bulbs have all the newest firmware!!

  • I have the same Problem, are there any solutions?

  • Hi, thx for the reply my enviroment is Android and Flic App
    I removed the two missing bulbs from the Gateway and added them again . Now one of them is recognized in the Flic App.
    The only difference is that one bulb is linked with a tradfri hardware remote and the other not. The bulb which is not linked with a hardware remote is not recognized in the flic app.
    Is that link to a hardware switch needed to be recognized by the flic app?

  • FlicTeam


    I am not aware of this kind of problem. Are the two bulbs that you are not able to find the same model as the other three?

    Maybe you could try removing them from the bridge using the IKEA Tradfri app and add them back and see if this fixes the issue.

    Btw, are you using iOS, Android? Flic Hub or local on phone?

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