• Will the hub need power connection at all times or can the battery be charged?

  • FlicTeam

    @gwpcasey I think we will probably not add that. Why not simply use a power bank or similar if you want it portable?

  • Can I upvote a suggestion to add a small battery - perhaps just enough to allow people to move the hub from one location to another or to accommodate power cuts etc?

  • Just got my hub and have put it on a USB power meter.

    My supply shows 5.03V
    Boot up sequence draws up to 0.33A
    Inactivity seems to draw 0.24-0.25A
    Flic press spikes draw to 0.27A
    Connecting the app spikes draw to 0.32A which immediately drops once config is loaded
    Connecting to the wired network port brings idle power up to a constant 0.30A
    The highest I've seen the Hub draw is 0.37A whilst messing with the app and connected to both wired and wifi

    This should help you work out expected run time off a battery, keep in mind battery vendors lie about capacity and they degrade with use too!

  • FlicTeam

    As @stuart mentions, the Hub doesn't have a battery. You can use any standard micro-USB phone charger and plug it into the wall.
    I wouldn't recommend using a battery pack, because as @stuart says, it won't last long.

  • So I had about 10 hours from the battery pack FYI.

  • A flic has a battery built in but the hub doesn't.

    If you want the hub to run without mains, you can run it from a USB mobile phone power bank that delivers enough current (I am using http://www.storkz.com/puridea-s5blunewus.html).

    It should do a day or two, I will post back when mine runs out.

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