Play sound file or play basic sounds on hub

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    Looking for "Play Sound Feature"
    I knew the hub had sound out jack so thought it would still have ability to play a selected audio file as an action. I do hear the short tone when pushed but missing this feature that was on the iPhone app.

    0_1526671871343_Flic iphone App.jpg

    Please let me know if playing a sound is coming? Thanks!

  • yes, i have used the Play sound file or play basic sounds on the hub. The updates of the play sound action appear with the new and latest updates. Sometimes while using it creates an issue like iTunes error 5105 which occurs. Sometimes this issue occurs due to the updates issue.

  • FlicTeam

    A play sound action will be made available in a later update. Our main focus now that the hubs are being shipped out is to gradually increase the functionality. We will have a V1.2.0 release of the Hub coming out shortly that adds more actions, but unfortunately Play sound will not be available in that update. However, It is likely that it will be available in the one after that.


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