Submitting iOS app to App Store

  • Hi,

    I have used flic SDK in my app. I'm mostly done with the development and now planning to submit it to the store.
    It's going to be my first app to be submitted to the app store.
    Is there anybody here who had submitted their app on App-store and knows how to get through the review?

    I'm primarily concerned because app relies heavily on flic buttons.


  • FlicTeam


    I think your best bet is to provide a way for the review team to access all the features without having to use hardware. I don't know the nature of your app, but I think your best bet would be to make the Flic optional, so at least the review team can access all the parts of your app.

    The Apple review process is a bit mysterious so I can't promise anything, but as long as you don't block the review team from parts of your app by demanding hardware, I don't think they will ask for it.

    Good luck!

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