New Lifx LAN API Not Finding all lamps

  • Hi
    The latest update with Lifx LAN API functionality is applied to my hub and it does not pick up all of my Lifx units. It picks up 1 of 2 x 800 White units, 2 of 3 x original colour Lifx units, plus my only Lifx Z led strip. It also picks up my Router, which is obviously not a Lifx unit. Those that are picked up (except one of original Lifx lamps does not react to on/off) work great, with little noticeable delay. They all work via original Lifx cloud functionality. Any ideas, anything I can try?
    Cheers Peter

  • The local API is working fine now, was this fix in the 3.1.1 update of the IOS app?

  • FlicTeam


    A quick update on this, we discovered a minor difference in how the LIFX buld acts depending on model, which created this issue.

    We have now fixed this so we will soon release a new firmware update which makes this work!

  • When searching for local LIFX lights under "Phone" it finds all of my lights, Gen1, Gen2 & Gen3 plus the Mini's and displays their names properly.
    When searching for local lights under "Hub" it displays names for some and only IP addresses of the bulbs for the rest.

    Something is not right when trying to configure local lights using the Hub.

  • I have the same issue as @moek. My first gen bulbs only shows their IP address and won't respond to any clicks of my Flics.

    I tried to reboot my router, hard reboot my lights, even went and fully reset one to check but the issue persists.

    However, everything works as expected with the Cloud option.

    Hope this can be fixed with the help of our good friends at Lifx and with a software update.

  • I have exactly the same issue as described by @peter and @moek.
    Hope it can be fixed soon, as response time using LIFX over LAN are awesome...

  • I’m seeing the same thing.
    Lifx mini’s and lifx z’s are found and properly named and can be operated.
    My first gen bulbs however only show their ip-addresses and do not respond to commands.
    Maybe you overlooked something following their api?
    All lights react perfectly in the lifx app.

  • This post is deleted!

  • FlicTeam

    Hi. We have simply followed the API instructions at and implemented it accordingly. When we tested it, we only tested it in our office so we haven't done any major "field test" so to say. If your Router gets discovered then it obviously responds to the UDP scan packets we send out. Maybe the Router for some reason rewrites the source IP address of the real LIFX to its own IP address? I can't understand why this would happen. Maybe some Wireshark log could help if you could capture the network traffic.

    You could also test if Lifx's own mobile app finds the devices on the local network and test if it works correctly. It can be a bit hard to distinguish the Cloud lights and the LAN lights, but the LAN lights are shown under the header "[Wifi SSD] Lights".

    We noticed a few times that lights just stopped working (seems the light's network stack hanged or similar) on the LAN but continued working using the Cloud. At this point neither our integration nor Lifx's own app worked. A reboot of the light made it work again.

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