Flick hub and Sonos

  • Hi,

    I been running flic hub and Sonos for a while with success but after changing router.
    It seems like they don’t really like each other anymore.

    Hub fw:1.3.0
    Sonos: 9.1 beta (been running different betas for a long while)
    Controller: iOS

    • Before I could change the names of the players not possible now
    • when I try to toggle play nothing happens
      I tested all players one by one.
      I can see in the flic app that the button gets pressed

    Thanks in advance

  • Hi,

    I got the same issue now but without changing any hardware.
    The Hub finds the devices, but no name nor ip is stored. In the sonos setup for a button event the radio buttons representing the devices are shown without any text.
    And it doesn‘t work of course if I select such a unnamed sonos device.
    But my iPad and my Android phone do find all of my 3 sonos players with names and ip adress, even if I remove them an do a rescan.
    Rebooting the hub didn‘t help. Maybe related to the recent Sonos update?!
    Sonos 9.2
    Hub FW 1.3.0
    latest iOS and Android apps (3.3.0)


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