Can Trigger IFTTT on iPhone, not iPad

  • I manage a bar. I’d like to attach a flic behind the bar that will notify me when the bartenders need me.

    I’m using IFTTT

    This works great on my phone. I can make it text me (practically instantaneous...calling tool minutes) or post a message to Slack, which I use for work and am always monitoring anyways.

    Problem is, the bar is big - I often travel far enough from the flic to lose Bluetooth connection. Plus, I’d like the bartenders to use it even if I’m not there.

    A Contact-the-Manager button.

    We have iPads behind the bar, so I attached the flic to an iPad, set it all up...but it doesn’t work. I’ve tried several recipes, different services - no dice.

    The iPad dings when I click the flic - it’s attached and receiving the input. It’s not communicating to IFTTT.

    Any ideas would be super appreciated. I feel like if I can get this set up, will be IMMENSELY helpful to me and others!