Configuring Flic Hub programmatically

  • Is there a way for us to configure the Flic Hub programmatically, without the need for the Android/iOS app? I want to make a Windows Forms application that can change the Http requests performed by the buttons connected to my Flic Hub.

  • Hi Emil,

    I am just following up on this one.

    I was wondering if you had an updated ETA for the Hub SDK?
    I am very interested in being able to expand upon what I can do through the Hub, especially in terms of being able to adjust the behaviour of commands based on Time of Day or Day of Week and even being able to use the Hub to send IR commands on a schedule or while out of network (such as turning the home AC on as I'm leaving work)


  • FlicTeam

    @poczta we are still actively working on it

  • Hi @Emil,
    Q1 2020 has already went to history. Any news about the 'hub sdk'?

  • FlicTeam

    @novalu Yes!

  • @Emil Hello, will it be possible to run actions on Flic Hub through Flic Hub SDK, e.g. running IR blaster commands without triggering action by pressing Flic button? It will be great to use it as IFTTT action or through API from Node-RED. Thank you for answer.

    Btw, I've just received Flic buttons and Flic Hub from Indiegogo campaign and it looks great. Keep up the good work!

  • +1, an hub SDK is essential for seamless third party integration! Thanks, and kudos for a great product!

  • FlicTeam

    Hi. Not right now, but we're working on a "hub sdk" that has unfortunately been seriously delayed. I hope we can release it during Q1 next year.

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