MQTT Integration

  • I'm not sure where to put a feature request so I'll put it here and hope the Flic devs read it :)

    Just like the Internet Request integration, it would be amazing if we could have an MQTT Publish integration which sends a single MQTT Publish packet to a specific MQTT server and topic.


  • @anton Great! loooking very much forward to this!

  • Thirded! MQTT support would be great - this can kind of be accomplished by using an HTTP to MQTT bridge, but native would be really helpful.

  • FlicTeam

    This is noted. Once we are done with all the features promised in the Hub LR campaign we will look into implementing additional features. So we will take a look at it then!

  • I second this! It would be useful for integrating into additional IoT systems (like the one I run at home - MQTT-based).

    -- Steven

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