Flic Hub LR hangs once a week.

  • About once a week I will start hearing a distorted clicking noise playing through the speaker I have connected to the Flic Hub LR. When the is happening the App is unable to connect to the Hub, and none of the buttons work. Each time it requires a reboot to get it working again.

    Anyone else experiencing this?

    My Hub is connected to a battery backed UPS, so it is definitely getting clean power.

  • @Emil It seems to be happening every day now.
    My Hub is hard wired. Not WIFI
    I changed out the power supply yesterday.
    Currently using an Apple USB iPhone cube. Output is 5V, 1Amp

    I got my unit a couple months back (December 2019) and its been flawless until just recently.

    I'll try to disconnecting my 5 buttons and see what happens.

  • FlicTeam

    Hmm that is strange. Haven't seen something similar before. Could you try reboot the hub, disconnect the hub from wifi and ethernet, disconnect all buttons, reboot it and just wait for a while to see if it happens again, and if it does, also try again with a wall power source.

  • Just happened again today ...

    • red light is ON

    • The unit does not feel warm

    • The IP address is pingable on my home network

    • Flic app seems to get stuck when trying to connect

    Rather than immediately reboot it, I let it go for a few hours, but it never recovered on its own.

    alt text

  • FlicTeam

    @proto732 does the hub's LED stay on, or is it also shut down? If you wait for a while after this happens, is the hub cold or warm?

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