Flic 1 on Hub 2?

  • Please works flic1 on the new hub?

  • I have two Flic 1.0 buttons and four Flic 2.0 buttons on my Hub 2 and they all work just fine for the various tasks I have setup whether they are direct/built in actions or IFTTT actions triggered by the button.

  • FlicTeam

    Yes both flic 1 and flic 2 work on both the new hub and the old hub. The hub software treats both button types exactly the same since the button communication is abstracted away at a lower level. If you see that some actions don't always work it has nothing to do with button version, but rather that the http communication with the target device fails or something.

  • Yes, but I would not recommend mixing buttons from different generations. I daily experience issues (that the customer service doesn't seem to be interested in solving) where the hub doesn't fire some actions correctly when using gen1 and gen2 buttons in the same system with a generation 2 hub.

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