Common Flic Use Cases

  • I'm having trouble figuring out what to do with my Flic other than turn the lights on/off.

    • I don't live in the US, so I can't use it to order Dominos.
    • It doesn't integrate with Google Home, so I can't use it to play music on my speakers or adjust my (Nest) thermostat
    • I cannot use it to order an Uber or Lyft
    • The actions available on IFTTT & Zapier also do not allow me to do any of the above either
    • It doesn't integrate with Toggl, so I can't use it to track hours

    What is everyone else using it for?

  • I have several buttons configured to do different things around the house (both 1.0 and 2.0 buttons).
    Here are some of the tasks I have assigned:

    • Control a Wemo On/Off switch to turn on a small space heater for cold mornings in my office space

    • Turn Nanoleaf panels on/off via IFTTT

    • Turn Philips Hue lights on directly via Flic Hub

    • Set a specific temperature on Nest Thermostat via IFTTT

    • Add a new entry to my iOS calendar via IFTTT, that I've taken a daily medicine (Button is on the bottle)

    • Turn on/off my TV and Audio Receiver directly via Flic Hub IR

    I have one button directly connected to Flic via my phone:

    • Play/Pause control while walking the dog. So I don't have to get my phone out to pause a podcast when I inevitably run into a neighbor who wants to chat.

    • Arm/Disarm Motion Detection/Push Notifications from security cams via IFTTT

    Hope this might spark something useful for you to create.

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