Alexa and FLIC integration.

  • I bought FLIC mainly to integrate it with the routine for my Alexa and to my horror, they don't work together! I thought there would be a way to trigger it thru IFTTT.

    Anyway anyone care to share if you have a lambda function or place where I can learn to create a virtual switch with I can use IFTTT to turn it on or off thru an api? I have very minimal coding experience but I'm willing to learn! I'm sure there's lots of people who would want to do this!

    Thanks in advance to any kind soul out there!

  • Hi
    I had a similar issue, I wanted my flic buttons to trigger Alexa routines. I ended up setting up a linux VM with a we served and then use this script

    On the flic button I just use a get request with all the parameters in it.
    Hope that helps!

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