Alexa and FLIC integration.

  • @Emil @leapoldstoch1 This is a total game changer now for my Flic buttons. I don't believe you can toggle lights with one trigger action, but I'm still very happy with the integration nevertheless! 😄👍
    I used to use IFTTT which used to work ok but since I have started paying to use the applets, it hasn't worked properly or when it does, the response is soooooo slow! Methinks I'll cancel that subscription now!
    Thank you so much for this developers, this had endless options! 👏👏👏

  • FlicTeam

    @leapoldstoch1 not what we know. Note that Alexa devices are originally meant for voice, and I doubt the device makers have added the phrase "Alexa, toggle my lights please" as a matching phrase...

  • @Emil congratulations this is amazing ..... is there any way however to toggle routine on routine off ?

  • FlicTeam

    @leapoldstoch1 In that case, just make sure you have the latest flic app installed.

  • @rmainva1

    Here is a step by step approach to configuring a Flic button called “TEST BUTTON” to run Alexa routines. if you’ve used iFTTT before the process is similar.

    1. In Alexa SKILLS & GAMES search for and enable the Flic skill. (you will only have to do this once)
    2. In the flic app add a new Flic button and name it TEST BUTTON
    3. In the TEST BUTTON configuration page, under Click, Double Click, Hold, add the new Amazon Alexa Trigger option. Each of these triggers will show “This action has no configurable actions”.
    4. In the Alexa app select Routines and scroll down until you see TEST BUTTON - Click is pressed etc.
    5. In the Edit Routine page add your required action. I found it easier to omit renaming the routine as the app will name the routine using the default name of the trigger e.g. TEST BUTTON - Click is pressed

    That’s It, I hope it works for you,

  • @Emil hi Emil, there is no Amazon Alexa option on the actions list.

  • FlicTeam

    @rmainva1 please follow this guide

  • @norman-vezey How did you get it to work. My Flic action says there is nothing to configure? Am I missing a step?

  • @Emil Works a treat! This is a game changer for me, I'm now in the process of adding my Alexa Routines and everything seems to be working fine so far. I have been using IFTTT pro until now, the main difference I've noticed so far is the speed of execution, I have however many Routines so the update process will take a while. Thank you so much for implementing this feature.

  • FlicTeam

    We are slowly rolling this out in different regions. Stay tuned.

  • @krooked yep, I've downloaded it too and it doesn't seem to allow you to do anything yet.

  • I just downloaded the Flic skill on the Alexa app, but can’t figure out how to setup routines yet. Has anyone tried it yet?

  • @amir this is excellent news. Once this happens, I'm sure I'll dig even deeper in my pockets to give you more of my money...

  • @obbucket from @amir post it sounded like a "this quarter" type thing, so I'm hopeful and won't bother them until April 😀

    That being said, I have started to think of different Alexa routines I'd set up specifically for Flic buttons. One thing I'm curious on being able to set a trigger based on current status. For example, I have a light that is turned on dim with one click, 100% with two clicks, and off with a long press... Would there be any way to set a trigger based on the current status? I know it depends on the bulb, and I have some Lifx bulbs that do this because they're directly integrated. But what about something like a Wyze bulb, or ewelink (sonoff) outlet.

  • Did Flic ever fix this?

  • @amir Any update or progress on Alexa Routines ?

  • @amir Thanks for the clarification. It's greatly appreciated. As you can see, quite a few people didn't take the videos that way. As a result, your update helps to set the expectations appropriately. I look forward to becoming a fan once we reach that plateau. Best of luck on getting there.

  • Hi @rich, The videos made by Paul and Brian were supposed to be focused on the new HomeKit integration and the new Flic Universal features. They were only notified that aside from HomeKit and Flic Universal we also have Alexa on beta testing without getting access to the beta hence why they did not have any demo of the Alexa features on either of their videos.

    As a former tech journalist I'm sure you're aware that information can sometimes get lost in translation and that we have no control of the exact content that they publish or how they name their videos.

    With that said, the Alexa Routines action is set to be publicly released in this quarter, most probably in the next couple of weeks so hang in there =)

    P.S. We will of course be more cautious with the information we share with youtubers in the future.

    //Amir from the Flic Team

  • I have to say that Flic's comments in this thread are HIGHLY disheartening. I used to be a tech journalist (with major pubs) and have seen pretty much everything from companies, and this is certainly one that deserves calling out. Flic CLEARLY decided to create a marketing stir by energizing two of the bigger automation gurus on youtube with very personalized packages clearly stating their work towards seamless, simple Alexa routine integration. The headlines of both videos either bare that out, or represent two very unlikely missteps from both channels.

    It's clear that many, many people bought kits under the assumption that this functionality was just a hop, skip and maybe a jump away. I broke my own rule of never buying any product based on potential future functionality. Add to this that your products are not exactly in the impulse-buy realm.

    To respond to those of us that jumped in to support you with vague comments like, "We're looking into it" and suggesting that it may not ever happen ("if it can work"?), is really concerning and reeks of a bait-and-switch campaign to simply get a bunch of us to jump in on the hopes that we'll end up loving the product as it is today and allowing you to clear a bunch of inventory. I hope that's wrong, but that's how it reads from your responses.

    Did Paul and Brian's videos make it clear that this functionality is "not yet available"? Sure, but that ignores the much bigger messaging from both videos. Brian's video states, "Flic just BLEW UP the smart button market with this", and "INCREDIBLE NEW FEATURES". Forgive me, but those very much dwarf the, "it's not quite here yet" messaging. Plus, in the letter you sent to both it states quite directly, "we're launching some new and really exiting features". It doesn't say you're "looking into" those features or that , eh, maybe they'll show up... maybe they won't. Paul's video says, "A button for Alexa!! - This changes everything!". Does it? If your stance is, eh, maybe we can do something..... then does that really change anything? Your marketing department clearly initiated a campaign to energize them in this way -- and it worked.

    Look, we understand that you don't want to make any promises you can't keep, but right now it feels like your marketing department is playing games that your developers aren't quite up to speed with yet and we've been cajoled into becoming first-adopters without our knowing it. If you didn't intend to mislead people then simply saying something like, "We're proactively working on providing this functionality as soon as possible as it is a huge feature request. At this time, however, it's still not ready and we can make no promises beyond that" would suffice. Instead the tone is, "How could you possibly be so stupid?"

    Gee, thanks for that. I've spent nearly $200 and the first interaction I see from your company is that sort of tone? So noted.

  • @Emil perfect, I feel comfortable ordering now! Looking forward to the using the current and future functionality!

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