Sonos integration is mediocre. Any hope for improvement?

  • I backed the kickstarter project and have a Flic hub and four (new) buttons for about a year now. I am still waiting for a better support of Sonos devices –  it is not sufficient to be able to play/pause or change the volume. I am expecting a way to switch between different radio stations or play lists – that would add a missing feature to Sonos.

    I really wonder whether there will be any improvement on the software side – the hardware is great, but rather limited. In particular the Flic hub is rather useless. Will there be the announced Apple HomeKit support someday? Right now the website says "Requires the Flic Hub LR and will be released late 2020.", but I remember that it was announced for an earlier date already.

    Hoping for an answer that turns my current disappointment into enthusiasm again.

  • @Emil Ok, good to know you are still there. HomeKit will be nice, probably, but again I feel like having bought a hub was a bad idea. My wish was to be able to switch radio stations on the Sonos using Flic buttons, and this could be possible if I had a chance to teach the hub what to send to the Sonos system. Is there any chance for that? And no, it is not an option to use IFTTT… I don't want to rely on anything outside my local network for that.

    Anyway, thanks for listening – I love the hardware you provide, and I am sure that you can make many people happier by improving the software.

  • FlicTeam

    Yes we read the forum. Homekit support will come "very soon". Improving Sonos is on the backlog but has not the highest priority.

  • Well. It seems that the flic team no longer listens to this forum. Do they?

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