Apple HomeKit failed to create bridge

  • I just got my flic hub and tried to add some buttons to my home app.
    Upon initializing the home kit integration via the flic app, the app tried to create a new bridge and was infinitely loading.
    I closed the app and opened it again to restart the pairing but now the "add to homekit" switch is not creating anything on the home app and not proposing me to initialize the home kit like before.
    I checked on the home app, and I still don't have the flic bridge there.

    What should I do? I tried a full reset of the hub, but that still doesn't reset the homekit connection to start the pairing again.

  • @Emil I think I figured it out. The problem is with the Hub. I'll retry once I fix the issue.

  • @Emil I have version 5.0.0 updated about a month ago on the iOS device.

  • FlicTeam

    @nospam then you probably don't have the latest iOS Flic app.

  • What if the "Add to HomeKit" slider isn't even showing up at all? Flic Hub LR (latest firmware), Flic 2 button, HomeKit Hub on premises.

  • Thanks @Emil, I factory resetted my flic (before i was holding for 20 sec) and unplugged - plugged it and now I had the pairing pop up again and I got it to work this time!
    So cool to have buttons with automations :D

  • FlicTeam

    If there is no pop-up in the flic app when you slide "add to homekit" to on, it means the homekit pairing protocol has been successful, from the flic hub's point of view. If Apple's homekit view in the phone hangs and it, from its point of view therefore fails to pair, the flic hub will then not be registered as paired. Now, according to the Homekit specification, the only allowed way for an accessory to accept a new pairing when already paired, is by factory resetting the accessory. To do that on the flic hub, simply hold the pin hole for exactly a time between 10-15 seconds. If successful, the LED will blink shortly and the device will reboot. You'll have to reconfigure it, but once complete, you can try again to add to homekit.

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