Alexa support is finally here

  • I just tested it with a Alexa routine using the hub and it worked. The skill "Flic" was needed with link to my Flic account (same as the community account for me). Alexa doesn't show up under "Providers" yet, but adding it as an action works fine.

  • Hi, in order to trigger Alexa routine, do I need to have Flic Hub? or Flic 2 button & Alexa Echo/Show device is enough?

  • I got an email today saying that Alexa support is finally available, in the UK. I have 3 flics which were connected via Phillips Hue bridge to control lights. I’d much rather use Alexa routines. It was NOT easy to connect to Alexa. After much perseverance I did get 2 flics to work. Still trying the 3rd so far without success. This process still needs more work in my opinion

  • FlicTeam

    @faengelm We are slowly rolling this out in different regions. Stay tuned.

  • @sveinung
    I was able to add the Alexa Flic Skill but don't see any Alexa option under my hub connected button. I'm in the US and have a gen 2 hub

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