Flic 2 and Alexa Integration

  • Flic 2 and alexa integration .. I had all these working , but since last few days, all my alexa integration actions are no more executable !!.. have sought help from support at flic.io ..yet to get a suitable solution from them..there is lot of delay ...i also tried reconnecting flics to app, re-installing the app in both iphone and android phones, but all in vain !!!! ..it appears that there is some issues between flic.io and Amazon. Require support from flic.io so that alexa actions intergrated with flic 2 happens smoothly

  • FlicTeam

    @tvvijay1958 Glad it worked out!

  • Mr Oskar of Flic.io has resolved this issue by simply having the Flic skill in Alexa app 'disabled' and 'enabled' it again. The Flics are now executing the commands assigned thro' alexa (routines) with ease. Also, Mr Oskar has advised that once a Flic is setup in an Android Phone , should not be setup in an iPhone / Flic to be assigned to either an android phone or iphone !! Thankyou Mr Oskar..

  • FlicTeam

    We're on holiday and will answer your support ticket when we come back later in August.

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