Flic Tags in IFTTT?

  • When creating IFTTT rules for Flic, it mentions you can use Tags to have multiple Flics used with a single recipe. I cannot find where or how to setup these tags, either within the Flic App for IOS or in IFTTT itself. Has anybody done this?

  • WHAT A F?! Guys! You send me this buttons 2 weeks later, and when i got it i CAN'T connect it to IFTTT
    And you still do not fix this issue with IFTTT? After ONE YEAR? You have IFTTT logo on your box! FIX IT NOW!

  • @oskar good morning, 8 months have passed and there is still no integration with IFTT and / or stringify? Their services are growing every day and I'm losing interest in even using flic.

    I like the buttons but the options I want are only controllable via IFTT or Stringify. If they're integrated in can bridge them together.

    Do you have an update?


  • FlicTeam


    Unfortunately IFTTT Tags are not supported on iOS at the moment. It's on our to-do list though, so sit tight!

  • @jgregory827 just checked my app on iPhone and I don't have any IFTTT specific configuration.

  • Within the Flic app, click the 3 dots on the right side and choose Providers. Once that opens, click on IFTTT. From this screen you can create a tag. In the IFTTT app when creating a recipe, now you can choose the tag you created. I hope that helps.

  • 68 views and not a single person has looked at FLIC with IFTTT? Surely the FLIC developers would know. Do they read this forum?

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